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The practice of chiropractic is aimed at analysing the spine and then neutralising the Spinal Dysfunction, a.k.a.Vertebral Subluxation, a major interference to the normal control of the body functions... The reason for that is simple: the living body is a self regulating system.

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Chiropractors focus on the detection and correction of aberrant spinal function and its subsequent effect on how the nervous system controls and coordinates the body in response to its environment. A pre-consultation is at no charge, should you want to discuss your case before undergoing a full consultation, for you to find out if you like this approach and for us to know whether we can help you. I am looking forward meeting you personally and in the mean time I invite you to thoroughly visit our web site.

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The Essence of Chiropractic

The chiropractic adjustment promotes The natural healing

The Analysis

The analysis is done after having gathered all pertinent information from the patient and briefed the patient in order to explain in what way chiropractic can help.

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The Practice

The chiropractor's job consists first in analyzing the vertebral subluxation and then correcting it through a specific adjustment. The chiropractic analysis do not depend on symptoms but rather on objective findings.

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Healing Process

The chiropractor takes special care of that very common interference which prevents Nature from working freely: the vertebral subluxation, the living body becomes more alive and may starts its own healing .

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Some Possible Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Increased energy level
Clear, peaceful and efficient mind
Better quality of sleep
Better coordination, accuracy and stamina resulting in improved mental and physical performance
Stronger immune system
Joie de vivre

An opportunity to function better through chiropractic

A pre-consultation is at no charge, should you want to discuss your case before undergoing a full consultation

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Fees and terms of acceptance


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consultation, examination, spinal adjustment


Subsequent visits

spinal adjustment as necessary

* Note: Fees are of a flat-rate nature, not based on time spent. Fees can be paid by cash, cheque or EFT direct deposit.