About the practice

Jean-Jacques Lob, doctor of chiropractic 1971, USA

  • American Chiropractic National Board
  • Canadian Chiropractic National Board
  • Florida Chiropractic State Board
  • 1976 Association Fran├žaise de Chiropractic
  • 1983 Western Australia Chiropractic and Radiology State Board
  • 1992 Commissione Esaminatrice dell'Associazione Italiana Chiropratici

The computerised office has the latest technology equipment, with Zenith Thompson and Toggle Recoil chiropractic tables. When indicated, special precision X-rays are used for determination of the most accurate vertebral subluxation analysis of the upper cervical region and the following proven chiropractic techniques are applied: Toggle recoil HIO, Thompson, Gonstead.

A pre-consultation is at no charge, should you want to discuss your case before undergoing a full consultation, for you to find out if you like this approach and for us to know whether we can help you. I am looking forward meeting you personally and in the mean time I invite you to thoroughly visit our web site.

Here are some photos of the "country" practice in Margaret River: