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Back in 1895, the very first chiropractic patient, who had suffered a loss of hearing seventeen years before, after stooping in the garden, recovers normal hearing; the second patient improves his heart condition; in no time D.D. Palmer gains a legendary reputation of healer: people would flock to him suffering from all kinds of conditions; many would heal, others wouldn't, depending on the ability of their body to heal itself, because the fact is that the real healer is the living body itself, not the doctor who only applies a cure and in the case of chiropractic, a vertebral adjustment in order to remove a mental impulse interference. After all these years of chiropractic expanding across the world, why is it that so many people think of chiropractic when their back starts hurting? The reason is that we are commonly used to treat the part which hurts; so we go to a gastroenterologist when the stomach hurts, to an ENT when we have problems with ears, nose or throat, and logically to a chiropractor when the back hurts because we know that chiropractors take care of the spine... It is true that the chiropractor takes care of the spine, but not of back pain, lack of hearing, heart conditions, hemorrhoids, migraine headaches, vertigo, digestive problems, dysmenorrhea, discal hernia, sciatica, and all other kind of diseases, but rather help remove a major interference to the normal working of the body: the vertebral subluxation. Once the obstacle has been removed, the body may do wonders.

But then, if chiropractic is able to detect vertebral subluxations long before the symptoms show up, why do we wait until pain or discomfort is unbearable to consult a chiropractor. Often people learn from experience after they have witnessed the positive results attained by their mother, for instance, who has suffered for years and who may have avoided the distress if only she had seen a chiropractor twenty years back. That makes younger people say things like: "I'm having chiropractic care for myself, and I make sure my children remain free of vertebral subluxations".

During the past many years, I have had the privilege of helping people in Australia, France and Italy. At times I would register on tape their stories, spontaneous and enthusiastic and at times somewhat marveled at the results they were not even expecting; in regard to the regulations, I can no longer publish them since they are "anedoctical" and do not comply with "evidence based studies"; so this section has been deleted from public access, however remains some interesting radiophonic recordings.

Australian - Radio Interviews & Lectures
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