Chiropractor a healer?

Hypocrates affirmed that the living body has the ability to achieve perfect health once obstacles are removed, he also recognised that the « green life force energy » — as he called what we know in chiropractic as « innate intelligence » — was responsible for maintaining the homeodydamism and therefore able to heal when necessary. Objective chiropractic deals with the major obstacle to health: the vertebral subluxation causing nerve interference between brain and all organs and muscles. The scope of chiropractic is adjusting the vertebral subluxation; the chiropractor is an adjuster and the actual healing comes as a result of the person’s innate intelligence which has been successful at returning the body parts to normal function. So the living body is at all times thriving to maintain health and heal itself when necessary; it does that better if free from nerve interference due to vertebral subluxation. It makes sense to do a regular chiropractic check up so as to keep the body at optimum level of function, regardless of symptoms or lack of them.