Objective Chiropractic, a non-therapy model

Chiropractic is definitely not an alternative to prevention and treatment of disease and infirmity by any means, including spinal manipulation.

Chiropractic, i.e., objective chiropractic, does not seek to manage Vertebral Subluxation (VS) related disorders, rather analyse the spine for VS and then introduce a light and specific force called an adjustment so that the body can correct the VS. Anything resulting from that can only be constructive and better health may result according to the capacity of the living body to repair itself. This is the beauty of chiropractic. The result is far more extraordinary than what can be achieved following treatment of a condition; people under chiropractic care report frequently unexpected results, for instance haemorrhoids disappeared when actually they forgot to mention this pathology when starting care, not even the chiropractor knew the person had haemorrhoids, but the living body knew… and this can be the case for so many other pathologies, and still the chiropractor did not apply any therapy, how wonderful is the power of life within the living body, it oftentimes takes a spark to ignite the fire, in chiropractic it is called a vertebral adjustment.