Who would like to instantly heal better?

« Chiropractic is not about making you instantly feel better, it’s about making you instantly heal better »

I like this saying from chiropractor Kristian Baekkel and I wish all chiropractors would explain to their practice members that chiropractic is not an alternative to pain killers of any kind whether chemical, physical or psychological. Surely many times the person feels relieved, lighter after the first adjustments and often express it by saying « I feel I could fly » as if a tremendous weight had been melted down, but in some chronic cases it does not feel different right after the adjustment and the following day or night there can be an aggravation of the symptoms… Does it mean that in the first case the chiropractor was a champ and in the second case a poor adjustor? Providing the chiropractor practice objectively, that is: he analyses and specifically adjusts vertebral subluxation according to a strict chiropractic protocol of pre and post controls, whatever the short term outcome pleasant or disagreeable, from the split second of the chiropractic adjustment the body instantly boost the healing process. In the first case the person is elated and will speak highly of the chiropractor, in the other a strong faith in the healing possibility of their body is required to go through this fastidious time; some people quit care then and return to pain killers while those who persist give themselves the time the body needs to heal from within. The results are oftentimes spectacular!